Former Cavs big man publicly rips United Airlines for mishandling his luggage again

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Former Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kendrick Perkins delivered some blistering social media criticism toward United Airlines after the company apparently mishandled his luggage for the third time this month.

Perkins, who now serves as an analyst for ESPN, is likely used to traveling for work. He’s earned a reputation for his blunt comments about league happenings. It’s clear that his criticism of the airline is just a natural extension of his personality.

In Perkins’ two different stints as a member of the Cavaliers, his veteran leadership and aggressive approach to the game were valued. However, he saw limited time on the court in both cases.

He was signed by the Cavaliers during the 2014-15 campaign and played in 17 regular season games and eight playoff contests.

After spending time with the New Orleans Pelicans, Perkins played the final game of his career with the Cavs, which came during the 2017-18 season.

Since the advent of social media, companies in many industries have been the subject of criticism like Perkins’ diatribe. In response, businesses often attempt to rectify the issue either online or by contacting the person making such criticism by other means.

United Airlines has already reached out to Perkins on Twitter. Poor public relations is something that no business wants, with United being no exception.

Of course, troubles within the airline industry are nothing new, but particularly became an issue when the COVID-19 pandemic took off. In that situation, one of the key trouble points was focused on the wearing of protective marks, which in some cases led to violent interactions during flights.

Perkins’ luggage issue is worthy of attention, assuming that his facts are in order. However, it presumably doesn’t quite compare to the troubles endured by Southwest Airlines passengers during last year’s holiday season.

In that situation, the airline had delays and over 16,000 flight cancellations. The timing of the problems particularly hit home for many people, given that countless family holiday plans were ruined.

Until he offers an update on his luggage situation, Perkins will continue to focus his attention on basketball, with the 2023 NBA Playoffs still ongoing.

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