Report: Golden State Warriors may be showing interest in Kevin Love

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At the moment, it appears clear that Kevin Love’s career with the Cleveland Cavaliers will soon come to an end.

The former All-Star reportedly requested a contract buyout from the team, and it’s likely that the two sides are working towards an agreement at this very moment. There are a number of teams that already seem to be interested in the forward, and the defending champion Golden State Warriors are reportedly among them.

The Warriors are interested in Love, according to a report, and Love himself will be prioritizing the ability to secure playing time when making his decision of where to play next.

“Sources told Hoops Wire the Warriors, [Los Angeles] Lakers and [Portland] Trail Blazers may be other teams with interest,” Sam Amico of Hoops Wire wrote.

With the three teams mentioned in the report, along with an earlier report that the Miami Heat are interested, it seems very likely that Love will have a healthy market once he becomes a free agent.

The previously mentioned teams offer Love interesting options.

When it comes to the Warriors, the opportunity to join the defending NBA champions has to be enticing. With that in mind, the Warriors are currently the No. 9 seed in the Western Conference, and their spot in the postseason is definitely not assured.

The same can definitely be said for the Lakers. They’re not in the playoff standings at all and are sitting at the No. 13 seed. Still the Lakers’ stock seems to be on a rise after an impressive flurry of trades prior to the trade deadline. Beyond that, the chance to team back up with former Cavs teammate LeBron James has to be enticing.

The Heat might offer Love the most playing time and the best chance at getting into the playoffs. They’re currently a half-game back from the No. 6 seed in the East and have a definite hole at the power forward position. It’s possible that Love could even compete for a starting spot in Miami.

As for the Blazers, they are in the No. 12 seed in the West and don’t seem to have that high of a season. However, they are Love’s hometown team, so that could definitely be a draw.

All in all, it will likely be sad for Cavs fans to see Love go. Though his time with the team is seemingly coming to an end, fans will always be able to remember the many great moments. Of course, the best moment was the 2016 NBA championship. Love played a huge role in bringing that title to Cleveland.

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