Kevin Love shares some mental health tips, explains why men shouldn’t be afraid of being vulnerable

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Cleveland Cavaliers veteran Kevin Love has become a champion for NBA players and people all over the world who suffer from mental health problems.

In recent years, the 34-year-old has been very vocal about his mental health battles. Back in 2018, he wrote an essay for the Players’ Tribune where he opened up about his mental health struggles.

Recently, he spoke to Yahoo Life’s Megan Johnson and brought up how difficult it is for men to be “vulnerable.” He noted that men may see vulnerability as a weakness when it can actually be the opposite.

“Being a young man, it’s always harder to express yourself in that way because of the taboo and stigma behind it,” said Love. “As young men, we’re taught a different way of communicating that actually hinders our evolution and our progress. I think men or boys hear the word ‘vulnerable’ and they look at it as weakness. Whereas pinpointing what’s bothering you, and where anxiety lies, can actually be a superpower.”

The five-time All-Star also shared how attending therapy can be freeing and beneficial.

“For me, it was a major step in the right direction when I first started with my therapist,” Love said. “It’s amazing the freedom that comes with it.”

The NBA veteran continued.

“Speaking your truth is key,” Love said.

Love’s mental health activism has been well received in the NBA community. It has also shed light on the internal struggles that some players deal with but perhaps choose not to express outwardly because they might be deemed soft by fans, pundits and even fellow players.

It seems that the league may take a step in the right direction when it comes to allowing players to treat mental health problems as ailments similar to physical injuries. Love’s efforts may have played a role in getting the league to consider such a change.

It is heartwarming to see the NBA continue to take mental health issues seriously, and people around the league are likely grateful for Love’s efforts.

The 14-year veteran could be near the end of his playing career. It has definitely been a productive career for the big man. After all, he won an NBA title with Cleveland in the 2015-16 season. He has also earned various honors, including two All-NBA selections and the 2011 Most Improved Player award.

At present, he is looking to help the Cavs return to the playoffs after a lengthy absence. Cleveland looks primed to return to contention after acquiring three-time All-Star Donovan Mitchell earlier in the offseason. Several of the team’s young cornerstones are also expected to continue improving this season and beyond.

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