Report: Many throughout Cavs organization are big fans of 2022 NBA draft class

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Though the Cleveland Cavaliers would have undoubtedly preferred to get out of the play-in tournament and advance into the Eastern Conference playoff bracket this season, there is one silver lining that comes with the Cavs flaming out in the play-in games.

That silver lining is that the Cavs will now have the chance to take part in the NBA draft lottery. The Cavs have been a mainstay in the lottery over the last few years, but this season brings a totally new approach.

In previous years, the Cavs were clearly in need of keystone players, but they have a lot more flexibility now thanks to their vastly improved roster.

The Cavs are statistically most likely to end up selecting with the No. 14 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. While that would put them out of the running for the top-tier prospects in this year’s draft, they could still get a solid player.

“Taking a step back now and looking at the draft, I like the draft,” Koby Altman said. “I really do. I’m not just saying that. There’s nothing wrong with having another young player that you can develop. A lot of them I’ve seen as well that we’re going be right in the mix for, so I don’t want to say let’s trade (the pick) and get somebody else. I think there’s a nice niche here for a young prospect to really grow without a ton of expectation and grow into potentially a rotational player who can help down the road. I like this draft a lot.”

The Cavs reportedly feel confident about their ability to snag a really talented youngster.

“Many throughout the organization have echoed that sentiment,” Chris Fedor of reported. “One team source called it a ‘good draft,’ saying the Cavs could get a quality rotational player with the 14th pick — if that’s Tuesday’s outcome. Cleveland enters the offseason with three clear-cut needs: Backup point guard, two-way wing shooter and backup center. Any of those positions could be filled at No. 14, depending on who is still available.”

The Cavs are in a great spot going forward. Their two All-Stars, Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen, have yet to hit their respective ceilings. Moreover, young big man Evan Mobley seems to have the potential to one day be one of the most dominant bigs in the league.

Those three players alone create a great core for the Cavs, and there are many other talented players on the roster.

For that reason, this offseason will likely be about making acquisitions to the roster that will put the Cavs in better position to skip the play-in tournament altogether next season and advance straight into the playoffs.

The pursuit of that goal will begin on Tuesday night, when the Cavs will learn where they will be selecting in the upcoming draft.

Based on where the Cavs end up, fans will start getting a much better idea of which players could be there for the team’s taking.

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