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Former Cavs teammate crushes Jerry Colangelo for throwing Kevin Love under the bus

Kevin Love

After Team USA managing director Jerry Colangelo ripped Kevin Love’s departure from the team, Love’s former Cavs teammate Richard Jefferson delivered a stinging rebuke that no doubt connected with Colangelo.

Love had originally been added to the Team USA roster, but left before the team headed to Tokyo for the Summer Olympics. That led to Colangelo saying that Love’s initial inclusion was a mistake.

Jefferson’s mention of a burner account was a reference to an infamous 2018 incident involving Colangelo’s son, Bryan, who was president of basketball operations for the Philadelphia 76ers at the time.

Burner accounts have been used in the past on social media as a way for someone to anonymously offer their true opinions on different topics.

In that instance, the discovery that the younger Colangelo had been using burner Twitter accounts to criticize his own players eventually led to his departure from the Sixers.

Love’s last few years have been plagued by injuries, which originally called into question his inclusion on the roster. Yet, the biting criticism delivered by the elder Colangelo at Love could cause other players to question whether to make a commitment, knowing they could be publicly criticized for leaving in a similar fashion.

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