Report: Celtics offered multiple 1st-round picks for Cavs’ No. 5 overall pick

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

A new report states that the Boston Celtics have offered two first-round picks in exchange for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ fifth overall selection in Wednesday’s NBA draft.

Terry Pluto of cited a rumor that the Celtics offered to send two of their three first-round choices to the Cavs in the deal.

“I heard Boston offered the Cavs their No. 14 pick and another first round pick to move up to No. 5,” Pluto wrote. “The Celtics also have picks No. 26 and 30 in this draft – a total of three first-rounders.”

Back in September, the Cavaliers were reportedly thinking of using that fifth overall pick as trade bait, though finding the right team to make a deal has not yet come to pass.

While the Celtics have three first-round picks, they are looking to replace that quantity with the quality that would come with a higher selection.

The Cavaliers are continuing their rebuilding efforts, but may not be enticed with such an offer. That’s because the  combination of two later picks doesn’t offer the Cavs a great deal of incentive.

Other teams may also be making an effort to acquire the Cavaliers’ pick, but it remains to be seen if anything happens before the selection process begins on Wednesday night.

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