Report: Cavs Front Office in Disagreement Over Top Wing Players in 2020 Draft Class

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are focusing on October’s scheduled NBA draft, but they are currently having an inner debate about which two-way wing player would be the best option.

The Cavs own the No. 5 overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Chris Fedor of answered questions from fans, including one asking which wing player would be the best choice for the Cavs. The position is currently a problem for the Cavaliers, with the trio of Isaac Okoro, Deni Avdija and Devin Vassell serving as the best available choices.

Fedor quoted an unnamed source who indicated that making a final choice could be difficult.

“All three of them are really close,” a source said recently. “They’re all winners and intangibles guys.”

Fedor added that the best wing player in the class changes depending on who you ask in the team’s front office.

“Ask one member of the Cavaliers’ front office and they will have a ranking that begins with Avdija, the 19-year-old point-forward who started answering questions about his iffy outside shot following the restart,” he wrote. “Ask another and the wing list will start with Okoro, the relentless, rugged defender who is also a terrific finisher at the rim. There are also Vassell backers, the late bloomer and analytical darling who was underutilized at Florida State.”

Okoro, a 6-foot-6 forward out of Auburn University, would bring an aggressive approach to the court and in the paint, while also giving the Cavs a solid defender.

Avdija is a 6-foot-9 playmaking forward who’s just 19 years old and already playing pro basketball at the international level. Some questions have surfaced concerning his outside shot, but he was named Most Valuable Player in the Israeli Basketball Premier League, the youngest player ever to earn that honor.

Vassell, who just turned 20, played collegiately for two seasons at Florida State University, though the 6-foot-6 guard has yet to reach his full potential.

The delay in having the 2020 draft has allowed the Cavaliers to carefully consider the pros and cons of each player.

With the fifth overall pick, they have an opportunity to add another talented young player to their roster, but want to make sure that individual is a good fit.

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