Report: Kevin Love Not a Fan of Collin Sexton’s Playmaking Ability

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A new report indicates that a controversy currently exists within the Cleveland Cavaliers which relates to Kevin Love’s apparent disdain for Collin Sexton.

The Athletic’s Kelsey Russo spoke with former NBA executive John Hollinger about the outlook for the Cavaliers’ future. In the midst of assessing the team’s three young guards, Hollinger indicated that Love dislikes playing with Sexton, without offering any further insight.

“The reviews on Sexton are pretty mixed,” Hollinger said. “When he’s good, he can be electrifying. He’s a diligent worker and a true competitor, he’s a good shooter and he has enough first-step quickness to get his own shot relatively easily. That hasn’t yet translated into a good player, though. His decision-making on the ball still leaves much to be desired; in particular, 3.0 assists per game from a starting point guard is pathetic. One suspects that’s why Kevin Love openly detests playing with him. Sexton has to figure out how to work his offense into a team fabric or he’ll never have much value.”

Sexton arrived in Cleveland as the team’s massive rebuilding began in 2018, with Love missing most of the 2018-19 campaign due to injury.

On multiple occasions this past season, Love’s frustrated on-court demeanor was obvious and increased speculation that he’d be traded. How much of that was directed toward Sexton is unknown.

Yet, Love has three years remaining on his massive deal and has been difficult to trade because of his contract as well as his lengthy injury history.

Since the Cavaliers seemingly have no intention of trading Sexton anytime soon, the potential rift is one that has to be smoothed over at some point. Continuing to let it linger will only cause more havoc for a team that needs all the talented players that it can find.

It’s likely that both Love and Sexton will dismiss any talk of animosity when the Cavaliers get back on the court. That may mean such speculation is overblown or that the two players have gotten past their differences, but it’s something that needs to be dealt with as the Cavs move forward.

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