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Darius Garland Organizes Cleanup in Downtown Nashville After Bouts of Vandalism and Destruction

Darius Garland Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Darius Garland watched acts of destruction take place in Nashville, Tenn. over the weekend, with the Cavs rookie quickly attempting to preach against violence and mobilize a cleanup of the downtown area.

Darius Garland

The violent acts took place during protests over the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. One of the properties damaged was the Metro Nashville courthouse, which was vandalized and set on fire.

Those actions struck a painful chord with Garland, who attended high school in nearby Brentwood and briefly attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

The acts of destruction that took place in Nashville were similar to events that occurred in various cities across the country, including in Cleveland.

Garland’s maturity in offering his assistance is admirable, reflecting well on his ability to deal with adversity.

At present, a decision on the remainder of the Cavaliers’ season is unknown. However, it’s possible that Garland and his Cavaliers teammates will not return to the court until the start of the 2020-21 season.

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