Report: Cavs Could Be in Jeopardy of Being One of NBA Teams Not Selected to Return

Kevin Love and Collin Sexton

All options are on the table for the resumption of the 2019-20 NBA season.

However, according to some reports, it appears that not all 30 teams returning is likely.

As a matter of fact, the worst squads in the leagues may be told to stay at home, which could include the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA suspended the 2019-20 season after Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert tested positive for the novel coronavirus back in March.

In addition, several players, including superstar Kevin Durant, around the league contracted the contagious virus.

As a result, commissioner Adam Silver has been extremely cautious about reinstituting the season. In fact, there was pessimism in March that the league would not be able to continue with the 2019-20 campaign due to the outbreak across the country.

Yet, the league currently has a sanguine outlook about salvaging part of the season. However, that return plan may not include the league’s worst teams.

The Cavs are in last place in the Eastern Conference standings. They were on the cusp of getting eliminated from the playoff race before the season got shut down.

Therefore, it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to put players’ health at risk in order to have them squeeze in a few games.

Sophomore Collin Sexton is leading the team in scoring this season at 20.8 points per game.

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