Kendrick Perkins Chastises Kevin Durant for Saying Warriors Kissed Stephen Curry’s A–

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The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors made up the greatest NBA rivalry of the last decade.

For four seasons, the two teams met in the NBA Finals four consecutive times.

A major reason why the Warriors won the last two meetings was because superstar Kevin Durant decided to join an already loaded Warriors squad following the 2015-16 season.

While Durant joined the Warriors to win titles, he never seemed truly happy while in Golden State.

Now, former Cavs big man Kendrick Perkins is speaking on why.

“When you talk about Steph Curry and KD and Steph getting all the praise, of course he’s going to get all the praise,” Perkins said. “Steph Curry was back-to-back MVPs before KD got there. KD knew what he was getting himself into when he joined the 73-9 team. He knew he was the best player on the team, but that was Steph’s team from the jump and it’s always going to be Steph Curry’s team.”

Later, Perkins offered a recommendation for what Durant should do from here on out.

“Now you off to your next journey, so just let it go,” he said. “It’s forever going to be Steph Curry’s team in Golden State with the Golden State Warriors, so it is what it is.”

While the entire topic seemed to be a thing of the past, Durant’s time in Golden State has once again been brought under the microscope due to a new book titled, The Victory Machine: The Making and Unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty.

With the NBA currently at a standstill, fans will surely be happy to learn more about the NBA’s most recent dynasty.

Sadly, Durant has not played since last season’s NBA Finals due to a rupture Achilles tendon.

When he does return, he is expected to make up half of one of the league’s most talented new duos with none other than former Cavs superstar Kyrie Irving.

It will be fascinating to see how that relationship plays out on and off the court.

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