Larry Nance Jr.’s Hilarious Reason for Wanting to Resume Season Has Nothing to Do With Cavs

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There’s no guarantee that the NBA will resume anytime soon, but Cleveland Cavaliers big man Larry Nance Jr. is hoping for personal reasons to see all of the teams play again this season.

Prior to the NBA suspending play on March 11, the Cavaliers were scheduled to play the Carmelo Anthony and the Portland Trail Blazers on April 7.

In the Cavaliers’ April 15 season finale, their opponent was scheduled to be Vince Carter and the Atlanta Hawks.

Carter had previously announced that his 22-year NBA career would end after this season, which means that Nance was just five years old when Carter debuted with the Toronto Raptors in 1998.

In the case of the 35-year-old Anthony, his debut came during the 2003-04 season with the Denver Nuggets, when Nance was just 10 years old. Anthony’s status in the league has been shaky in recent years, but he’s likely to again be on the court next season.

The possibility exists that if play does resume this season, the NBA could go straight to the postseason, a move would keep the 27-year-old Nance from at least temporarily achieving his goals.

However, having played with LeBron James, Nance could likely work through the superstar to get those autographs. That’s especially likely with Anthony, who is close friends with James.

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