Report: Cleveland Cavaliers Pursuing Detroit Pistons Center Andre Drummond

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About a month before the NBA’s trade deadline, it looks like the rumor mill is starting to heat up.

According to ESPN insider Bobby Marks, the Cleveland Cavaliers are apparently interested in acquiring Andre Drummond from the Detroit Pistons.

“The division-rival Cleveland Cavaliers could have interest in Drummond. The Cavs are having discussions within their front office on the ‘cost to get into the Andre Drummond sweepstakes.'”

Drummond is arguably the best player on the trade market right now. He’s always been a great rebounder, and is averaging 15.9 boards a game so far this season. He’s also putting up 2.0 steals and 1.9 blocks per game, as well as a career-high 17.4 points.

At just 26 years of age, Drummond can still be an effective player in several years when the Cavs may once again be an elite team.

Drummond makes just over $27 million for this season, which means that a straight-up swap for Kevin Love could work. However, given that Love is 31, has three years left on his contract and has a history of injuries, it’s questionable if the Pistons want him.

Another possibility would be the Cavs trading Tristan Thompson, who makes just over $18.5 million this season and is an expiring contract.

Cleveland could package him along with Brandon Knight ($15.6 million), John Henson ($9.7 million) and/or Matthew Dellavedova ($9.6 million), all of whom are also on expiring contracts.

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