LeBron James Surprises Students at His I Promise School, Announces Huge Partnership in New Video

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It’s been 13 months since former Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James’ I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio opened up, an achievement that offers inner city children a better chance at a quality education.

Prior to the start of the school’s second year, the current Los Angeles Lakers forward’s media platform, Uninterrupted, posted a social media video in which James announced a partnership with Walmart to help provide a variety supplies for the school’s students. He also offered the thrill of a lifetime to a student in the process.


James picked up a 9-year-old girl named LaRiyah, and took her to the Walmart in Kent, Ohio. The girl, a top student in the fourth grade at I Promise, showed her eagerness to help James at the store. She then was given the opportunity to invite her classmates to pick up their supplies.

The first year of activity at I Promise saw plenty of positive steps, helping give the school credibility as a leaning institution. That’s likely one reason why Walmart was willing to invest its money and lay the groundwork for additional partnerships with other companies in the future.

I Promise opened last year with 240 students from the third and fourth grade. The goal of the school is to continue to expand, with fifth graders attending this year. By 2022, the school is expected to have students from first to eighth grade at the school.

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