Report: Cavs Executives Interviewing Coaches From Teams They Know They Have to Copy

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are taking a slow and steady approach when it comes to choosing their next head coach.

Almost a month into the process, it’s become clear that the selection process for choosing potential candidates relates to the Cavaliers’ need to try to mimic the success of the NBA’s best organizations.

Chris Fedor of responded to a question from a fan, who was attempting to get a sense of the Cavs’ thinking, by noting that fact:

“Cavs executives are interviewing coaches from organizations they know they have to copy.”

Fedor also indicated what’s important to the Cavaliers:

“Seven of the possibilities come from playoff teams. Two others (Juwan Howard and Jamahl Mosely) come from well-respected franchises — Miami and Dallas — known for their unique culture. Those two guys have learned from a few of the league’s best head coaches (Erik Spoeltra and Rick Carlisle). All of the possibilities come from places where there’s an abundance of home grown talent, showing a commitment to player development.”

One of the coaches interviewed who doesn’t necessarily fit that blueprint is former Memphis Grizzlies head coach J.B. Bickerstaff. However, he was in the midst of leading a team committed to rebuilding until he was fired last month, so the Cavaliers took advantage of the opportunity to interview him.

There’s presently no indication exactly when the Cavaliers will make their final decision, with some possibilities likely still coaching their teams in the 2019 NBA Playoffs. Whoever the Cavs do eventually choose will be the eighth different coach in just over 14 years of team owner Dan Gilbert’s leadership.

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