Stephen Curry Speaks on What Postseason Without LeBron James Will Be Like

LeBron James 2016 Finals Curry

Former Cleveland Cavalier star LeBron James will not compete in the postseason for the first time in well over a decade.

At the same time, the Cavs will not be headed to the NBA Finals for the first time since the 2013-14 season.

With just a few games left in the 2018-19 regular season, Golden State Warriors star Stephen curry spoke about what it means that James won’t be headed to the playoffs this season.

“What is it nine straight Finals he went to? Eight?” Curry asked reporters on Thursday. “I’m sure it’s a different experience for him, for better or for worse. Obviously the rest of the league continues to go, a lot of talent, a lot of great storylines, people changing championships, but he’s had an amazing run. Pretty sure that will reset for next year and regroup. It’s just different.”

It is certainly interesting for Curry and company to know that if they should advance to the NBA Finals for a fifth straight year that they will be facing someone other than the Cavs.

James joined the Los Angeles Lakers last summer and his first season with the squad has been an utter failure. Poor offseason signings, injuries, and locker room drama have resulted in a current record of 35-43.

While the Cavs were often panned for not surrounding James with enough talent throughout his two stints with the team, it’s clear that the Lakers have so far fared quite worse.

It will be interesting to see what they manage to do to try to help James get back to the playoffs next season.

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