Report: Cavs Insider Reveals New Ironic Reason Kyrie Irving Wanted Out of Cleveland

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Kyrie Irving’s trade request in 2017 drastically altered the course of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ future as well as the landscape of the entire NBA.

While there were multiple reasons for Irving’s trade demands, LeBron James’ impending free agency appeared to be chief among them. Joe Vardon of The Athletic detailed the irony of the point guard’s decision to leave Cleveland.

“This next one is less public, but no less ironic,” wrote Vardon. “Sources told The Athletic that among the reasons Irving wanted out of Cleveland with two years left on his contract was that he was sick of the never-ending rumors surrounding James’ upcoming free agency.”

Obviously, this is ironic considering the current state of Irving’s situation with the Boston Celtics. Prior to the season, Irving told Boston fans that he was planning to re-sign. But now he has walked back those comments and opened the door for rumors about his own free agency.

Irving understands the frustration that comes with constantly fielding questions about a teammate’s impending free agency. However, he’s still putting his teammates in that exact situation all the same.

Of course, the media will ask the questions no matter what, but there wouldn’t be the same level of intrigue had Irving avoided making any preseason declarations about his future. He shoulders blame for inviting the media circus that he desperately tried to avoid once upon a time.

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