Report: Possible Candidates for Cavs’ Head Coaching Job Revealed

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On Thursday, it was revealed that the Cleveland Cavaliers have begun their search for who may take up the mantle as head coach in the near future. While the initial report did not name any specific candidates for the role, a Friday report by Sam Amico of has clarified who may be at the top of the Cavs’ list.

“Alabama coach Avery Johnson, who has coached in the NBA, and former Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic coach Frank Vogel were two of the names mentioned by sources, as was former Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat and Magic coach Stan Van Gundy,” Amico wrote.

“Former Golden State Warriors coach and current ESPN analyst Mark Jackson could become another candidate.”

It is good to see that the Cavs are reportedly considering some coaches who have had past experience and past success in the NBA. For a team like the Cavs, who currently lack strong leadership within the roster, a veteran coach could be the perfect fit.

Interestingly, Amico’s report seems to fly in the face of the Thursday report from The Athletic, which stated that Cavs general manager Koby Altman would look to target a first-time head coach.

“Meanwhile, the Cavs’ front office, led by general manager Koby Altman, would likely target a first-time NBA head coach with experience developing players and/or coaching in the G League, multiple sources with knowledge of their thinking said,” the article read.

No matter which route the Cavs end up going, it will be fascinating to see if a new coach can make the changes necessary to bring this team back to a competitive level.

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