Klay Thompson Takes Brutal Shot at LeBron James and Rest of 2016 Cavs

Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson Cavs Warriors

The Cleveland Cavaliers made news back in 2016 when they took advantage of a team Halloween party to clown the Golden State Warriors after their 2016 NBA Finals collapse, and Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson hasn’t forgotten about it.

The Cavs took advantage of the party by covering it in decorations referencing their championship victory and poking fun at the Warriors’ blown 3-1 series lead.

The 2016 championship and subsequent Halloween party seem like ancient history now, but Thompson is clearly still salty about it. The sharpshooter joked about the party and its impact in a recent interview with Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

“Oh, yeah. Ha!” Klay said when he was reminded of the party in question. “That was funny. Look how that turned out. Psssh. Bums. That was crazy. I forgot about that. Well, look at what pettiness gets you. Gets you 1-8 in the Finals. Idiots.”

Thompson has a point. After their 2016 finals victory, the Cavs struggled against the Warriors on the NBA’s biggest stage in two subsequent years.

Still, it seems as though that series defeat still strikes a chord with Thompson.

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