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Larry Drew Says He Will Have Tough Decision to Make Due to Collin Sexton’s Recent Play

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Cleveland Cavaliers point guard George Hill is getting closer to returning from the right shoulder sprain he suffered on Nov. 5, but his starting job may be filled by the time he returns.

Since Hill’s absence, rookie point guard Collin Sexton has shown a lot of growth while undergoing his trial by fire. So much so that head coach Larry Drew is beginning to believe that Sexton could be better suited as the team’s starter, even after Hill returns to the court.

“He’s still a work in progress and he understands that. But right now it really looks like he’s got into a rhythm, he’s got into a groove as far as his play,” Drew said. “Last couple games he’s played against two premier point guards and I would say he’s held his own. That’s a huge sign of growth. Looks like he’s in a pretty good rhythm as a starter.”

There is no doubt that Sexton has looked more comfortable as the starting point guard in the last four games. While the former University of Alabama standout averaged just 12.0 points in 24.1 minutes per game in the first month of the season, he has averaged 18.8 points in 35.8 minutes per game over the last four contests. More than that, he has shown the confidence to try to lead the team in both the full-court and half-court offenses.

Sexton’s progression has made it clear that Drew will have to make a tough decision about who will claim the starting job once Hill returns.

“I’ll have to look at things, I’ll have to assess things and make a decision,” Drew said. “I’ll make that decision when George is ready to come back.”

According to Drew, that decision just keeps getting tougher.

“That’s fair to say,” Drew admitted. “The kid’s played well. The team has played well and I’m just not talking in terms of wins and losses. The team has played well overall. Yeah, I think that’s a fair assessment.”

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