Report: NBA Insider Reveals Why Contract Talks Have Stalled Between Cavs and Rodney Hood

Rodney Hood Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers have seen their roster change significantly over the past month, with restricted free agent Rodney Hood one of the players they’re seeking to sign to a new deal. The problem is that current negotiations are currently in a holding pattern, with no indication if and when they’ll resume.

Exactly what the 25-year-old Hood’s definition of fair is unknown after having been acquired by the Cavs in a Feb. 8 trade that sent Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose to the Utah Jazz. Still, the Cavaliers were able to maintain his restricted free agent status by presenting him with a qualifying offer worth $3.4 million, with the expectation being that signing the four-year veteran to a multi-year deal would ultimately be more expensive.

Early in the free-agency period, rumors about other teams’ interest in Hood were floated, though no serious talks with those teams apparently took place. Part of the reason that the talented Hood has yet to sign with any team stems from his inconsistent history in the league, with the controversy stemming from his refusal to enter a Cavs playoff game in May not likely helping his negotiating stance.

In his four seasons in the NBA, the 6-foot-8 Hood has averaged 13 points and three rebounds per game. Those numbers dipped slightly during his 21 regular season games with the Cavaliers. The aforementioned playoff debacle came at a time where Hood was seeing minimal time on the court, though his performance in the last two games of the NBA Finals offered a hint at his potential for the future.

Hood could potentially be an important part of the Cavs in the post-LeBron James landscape. However, that connection is currently tenuous, with no guarantee that he’ll still be a part of the franchise when training camp opens up in two months.

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