Sources Reveal Exactly When LeBron James Is Expected to Make a Decision

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Determining exactly where LeBron James will play for the 2018-19 NBA season is still uncertain, with no specific time frame established for the announcement of that decision. However, the choice is likely to come within the next few days according to a Cleveland-based writer for the Associated Press. One member of the media even went as far as to mention the exact day that fans can expect the King’s decision.

Slightly more information was then provided by another source, which indicated that James was also part of the discussion with Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman:

There’s no indication exactly what was involved with that discussion. It’s possible that it may have just been an effort by James’ agent to quell rampant ESPN speculation that James is all but ready to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

James, who owns two homes in the Los Angeles area, arrived there on Saturday following a vacation trip. He’s previously indicated that he won’t be conducting any extensive meeting process with teams interested in his services. The Cavaliers, Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers are considered to be the top three contenders to sign him to a contract.

Should James make his choice as quickly as expected, it would be a change from his previous two trips into the free agent market. Back in 2010, he announced that he would be playing for the Miami Heat on July 8, while in 2014, he announced his decision to return to the Cavaliers on July 11.

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