Space Jam 2: NBA Players Most Likely to Join LeBron James in Movie Sequel

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After it was confirmed on Monday by The Hollywood Reporter that Cleveland Cavaliers superstar forward LeBron James would be starring in a future release of “Space Jam 2,” many NBA fans immediately asked a burning question: what five NBA stars would have their talent stolen by the Monstars?

Here are five players who should replace the 1996 original cast of “Space Jam,” composed of Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and Shawn Bradley.

Guard: Russell Westbrook (Talent Stolen by Nawt)

Russell Westbrook

Maintaining the role of the Monstars’ explosive guard Nawt, who stole the talent of Charlotte Hornets point guard Muggsy Bogues in the 1996 original “Space Jam,” is Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder. With his aggressive nature, ability to do it all on the court and his flamboyant sense of fashion, Westbrook would be an attractive choice for a role in the movie sequel.

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