Cavs Rumors: Jamal Crawford Very Interested in Joining Cleveland Cavaliers

Talk of Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford wanting to become a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2015-16 season was hinted at by one of the Cleveland beat writers on Friday.

Cleveland Plain Dealer beat writer Chris Haynes spoke about a number of issues, but indicated that due to a personal connection with Crawford, he believes the veteran guard would like to become part of the Cavs team.

“I know Jamal personally, and I know he would definitely like to be a part of the Cavaliers organization,” said Haynes. “Jamal is one guy off the top of my head that I know would be a fit, and I know that they’ll be looking at him.”

Crawford wouldn’t cost much in any deal, since the Clippers are likely looking to eliminate his $5.675 million salary from their payroll. By getting rid of that money, Los Angeles would also be able to save $10.505 million in luxury taxes.

The likelihood of Crawford coming may depend on whether or not J.R. Smith re-signs with Cleveland, since both are similar players making close to the same amount of money. Should Smith re-sign, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of reason to bring in Crawford, but given the fact that the team is already in salary cap hell for this year, it can’t be that much worse.

A possibility of the Cavaliers using part of the trade exception money that they received in the Brendan-Haywood-Mike Miller deal in this instance is also a possibility. However, since Crawford may not necessarily be needed, the Cavaliers may want to hold onto that money until the trading deadline during the upcoming season.

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