Report: Cavs optimistic about re-signing Donovan Mitchell despite latest round of concerning rumors

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are fighting for their playoff lives against the Boston Celtics at the moment, and the franchise is seemingly trying to overcome the odds in another area as well.

Many rumors have pointed to star Donovan Mitchell wanting to move on from the Cavs sometime soon unless Cleveland manages to win the 2024 NBA Finals.

Despite those stories, a new report from Brian Windhorst of ESPN indicates that the franchise itself is optimistic about its chances to retain the superstar guard.

“In their view, there’s an optimism within that organization that they’re going to sign him,” Windhorst said of the Cavs and Mitchell. “And again, I will say, Donovan has walked this line perfectly. He has not said anything that would imply that he’s unhappy, but also never said anything that would imply he’s definitely signing.”

Windhorst added to that initial tidbit later in the broadcast, saying that a “number of teams” are expected to strongly go after Mitchell once the offseason begins.

“I’m trying to walk the line because I don’t want anybody to freak out in my hometown in Cleveland, but there are a number of teams that have their offers ready,” he said.

When asked if the Los Angeles Lakers are amongst those teams with offers ready to go for Mitchell, Windhorst responded with a simple answer.

“Of course,” he replied.

The Lakers are reportedly expected to be at the “front of the line” to acquire Mitchell this summer.

Cavs fans are no strangers to seeing their best players leave Cleveland to head to the City of Angels. Of course, in 2018, four-time NBA champion LeBron James ended his second stint with the Cavs to head to the Lakers. It would be a fairly cruel bit of irony if Mitchell ended up following James’ path to join him in L.A.

The trend is nothing new for teams in smaller markets, though. The NBA’s biggest stars often seem to have their sights set on teams in bigger markets, and it often seems like there is very little that small-market teams can do to keep stars from being interested in heading to the nation’s bigger cities.

Still, while many of the stories regarding the Cavs already have to do with what is sure to be a big offseason, the primary focus for the franchise surely is the playoffs. The Cavs will face the Celtics in a win-or-go-home Game 5 on Wednesday night. The Cavs are currently down 3-1 in that series.

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