Draymond compares Cavs fans to Celtics fans: ‘Cleveland people are more reckless and ruthless’

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Golden State Warriors veteran forward Draymond Green has a ton of experience playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers with a lot on the line.

For four straight seasons, the Warriors and Cavs battled it out in the NBA Finals, with their last matchup coming in 2018. Now, the Warriors are facing the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals. The Celtics are believed to have one of the most unforgiving and belligerent fan bases in the league, but Green seems to think that Cavs fans bring even more heat.

“I really don’t pay attention to what they say,” Green said regarding fans. “But the loudness of it…I haven’t heard it louder than in Cleveland.”

He added more about Cavs fans.

“Cleveland was way louder and [the fans] also say something,” Green said. “Cleveland people are more reckless and ruthless.”

It is an interesting dig at Celtics fans, and Green probably knew that when he said it.

The Celtics and Cavs certainly have a lot of history.

Throughout LeBron James’ time in the Eastern Conference, both with the Cavs and Miami Heat, he routinely gave the Celtics trouble in the playoffs and ended multiple Boston seasons.

It is interesting to think about which team the majority of Cavs fans are rooting for in the 2022 NBA Finals. After Green’s recent statement, it is possible that some Cavs fans have shifted their rooting interest.

Perhaps more likely, however, is that most Cavs fans are tuning into the championship series in spite of the two teams that are playing.

On the bright side, the Cavs took major strides in the 2021-22 season and seem well on their way to returning to the playoffs in the near future. Perhaps next season, Cavs fans will prove just how loud and engaged they can be with their team’s season on the line.

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