Iman Shumpert discloses Cavs’ immediate reaction to Warriors signing Kevin Durant in 2016

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The Cleveland Cavaliers shocked the NBA world in the 2016 NBA Finals by knocking off the Golden State Warriors to claim the title.

That series was a stunning occurrence. The Warriors, who were coming off of a 73-win regular season, had a 3-1 lead on the Cavs in the series and only needed one more win to seal the deal.

But the Cavs didn’t let that happen, and they claimed their first title in franchise history when all was said and done.

The Warriors countered by getting busy in free agency. They added superstar Kevin Durant in a move that many NBA fans are still upset about.

Iman Shumpert, who was a member of the Cavs’ 2016 title team, recently revealed what the team’s reaction was upon learning that Durant was joining the Warriors.

“I’m like, ‘For what?'” Shumpert said of his reaction to the news. “That’s how we all looking, like, ‘Huh?’ Then we like, ‘Well, what Russ (Russell Westbrook) got to say?’ That’s what we all, ‘What Russ finna say about this s—? This s— is crazy.'”

Durant’s time with the Warriors was a smashing success, as he won two titles with the organization. He ended up playing in three seasons for Golden State.

Today, Durant is a member of the Brooklyn Nets. Brooklyn has faced some adversity this season, but the team has the best record in the Eastern Conference right now at 21-9.

Durant is trying to win his third NBA title. Only time will tell if he’s able to capture it.

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