Agitated Kevin Love goes off after Sha’Carri Richardson gets penalized for smoking marijuana

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Cleveland Cavaliers veteran Kevin Love took to Twitter on Friday to voice his displeasure with the punishment being handed down to Olympic runner Sha’Carri Richardson after she tested positive for marijuana.

Richardson will not be allowed to participate in her primary event in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics due to the failed drug test.

The NBA and other professional American sports leagues have relaxed their policies on the use of marijuana in recent years, but with the Olympics being an international event, Richardson is at the mercy of some foreign policies.

Recreational marijuana use has been legalized in many U.S. states but is still illegal federally.

Richardson said during a recent interview that she used the substance to cope with the loss of her mother who passed away last week. The athlete has very clearly been through a lot lately.

Love is one of many athletes who have made their voices heard today about the controversial decision involving the runner.

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