Cavs fans salivate via social media at thought of LeBron James retiring in Cleveland with son Bronny

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The seemingly far-fetched prospect of former Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James playing again for the team along his son Bronny had social media abuzz with the concept.

Presently, the elder James’ current contract with the Lakers ends in 2023, the same year that his highly talented son could be eligible for the NBA draft.

Despite the fact that a number of different circumstances would have to coalesce for that scenario to take place, the idea of the elder James once again returning to the Cavaliers is a thrilling prospect to many online.

There’s no guarantee that the younger James, despite his talent, would be the first player selected in the 2023 draft. In addition, the Cavaliers most likely have no interest in again playing badly enough to garner the top pick.

Since that draft is nearly three years away, it’s far too early to project exactly where the younger James would actually be selected.

While the elder James is still at his peak when it comes to on-court play, there’s also no guarantee that he’d continue to be the driving force he once was with the Cavaliers.

The only certainty is that when that particular draft rolls around, the elder James will be 38 years old and would turn 39 during the 2023-24 NBA season.

The elder James is already guaranteed to have his Cavaliers jersey retired, but whether he ends up closing out his career in that jersey remains an unknown.

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