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Kevin Garnett schools LeBron James fans ‘who don’t know s–t’ about Cavs’ 2010 playoff collapse

LeBron James and Donovan Mitchell

What was supposed to be a promising 2009-10 season for the Cleveland Cavaliers ended in a second-round playoff loss to the Boston Celtics and the subsequent departure of LeBron James.

Former Celtics star Kevin Garnett recently claimed that he and his teammates “broke” James, and he elaborated on that claim during a recent episode of the “Load Management” podcast.

“For all you LeBron lovers, who don’t know s—, who was actually four or even two years old when I was talking about this, and this was going on for probably, what?” said Garnett. “10? Like what, 12, 13 now? And, ‘oh you didn’t do anything.’ I get it. You’re defending. You love LeBron, I got it. We formed in Boston, and you can never get past that. So that’s why I say, we took the jersey off in 2010, he buried that jersey under the TD Bank Arena. That 23 ‘Bron jersey was buried under the Garden.”

Coming off a season in which they had the best record in the league yet lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Orlando Magic, the Cavs had high hopes for the 2009-10 season.

They once again compiled the best record in the NBA and were heavily favored coming into their Eastern Conference semifinal matchup against Boston.

But they lost in six games as James seemed strangely disconnected in the final two contests.

The Akron, Ohio native announcing on national TV that he was leaving the Cavs in July 2010 still stands as one of the most infamous moments in Cleveland sports history.

James, however, got his personal revenge, as his Miami Heat got past Garnett’s Celtics in each of the next two postseasons.

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