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Ultra-Rare LeBron James Rookie Card Expected to Sell for More Than $2 Million

LeBron James Rookie Card

It seems that everything LeBron James touches turns to gold.

A rare basketball card of the former Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is auctioning for over $1 million according to

The card from the 2003-2004 Upper Deck Exquisite collection is one of only 23 that were ever made. It includes James’ autograph, as well as a piece of a jersey worn by the Akron, Ohio native at a photoshoot.

The auction for this card is not even close to being over. It will end on July 18, and it’s realistic that the final bid for it could be for as much as $2 million.

The James rookie card is on its way to being the most expensive sports trading card of the modern era. The most expensive card of all time is believed to be of baseball player Honus Wagner, which has sold for over $3 million.

In more recent times, the most a sports card has gone for is $900,000. The card featured Major League Baseball superstar center fielder Mike Trout.

Even Michael Jordan, the gold standard of basketball, never had a card or any other memorabilia that went for $1 million.

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