Cedi Osman to Donate $100 to Earthquake Victims for Every 3-Point Shot Made Tonight

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Cleveland Cavaliers forward Cedi Osman is hoping his 3-point shot and that of his teammates on Saturday night will result in a major contribution for earthquake victims in Turkey.

The 6.7 earthquake struck on Friday, with the death toll as of Saturday afternoon listed at 29 and at least 1,400 injured.

In addition, the level of damage to buildings is expected to be extensive.

Osman has played internationally for Turkish national teams and has a personal connection to the country due to his family roots.

While those factors serve as the basis for Osman’s gesture, the fact that he’s making an effort to show his concern for the crisis is admirable.

Osman’s own contributions this season when it comes to 3-pointers show him averaging 1.9 per game, with a 1.4 average over the course of his three-year career.

It’s conceivable that Osman could extend this effort beyond Saturday night’s game against Chicago, depending on the severity of what’s now taking place. Such news will come in the days ahead.

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