Kevin Love Gets Pissed at ‘Rich Slob’ Who Doesn’t Put Gym Equipment Back

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Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love has a reputation of being one of the kindest and most polite superstars you’ll ever meet.

That calm demeanor was tested recently, however, when Love came across a messy scene at a gym.

The first person to post the photograph was NBA trainer Mike Guadango, who Love was working with.

Love then quickly re-posted the photograph to get the word out.

Kevin Love

As a professional athlete, there is no doubt that Love spends quite a lot of time in the gym. From the big man’s response to the mess, it also seems clear that his Cavs teammates are far more professional and polite when it comes to their own gym etiquette.

Hopefully, the perpetrator of this unfortunate incident learns his lesson. That way, Love won’t have to put him on blast on social media again in the future.

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