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Channing Frye Campaigns for Kevin Love to Join Portland Trail Blazers

Channing Frye and Kevin Love Cavs

Former Cleveland Cavaliers big man Channing Frye was known as one of the more vocal players in the league, and now that he’s retired, that fact hasn’t changed.

Some of the thoughts he posts on Twitter are quite comical, but his latest tweet regarding the future of Kevin Love is quite intriguing. Frye wants to shake up the Western Conference via a trade between the Cavs and Portland Trail Blazers.

In the proposed trade, he would like to see Love join the Blazers to form the NBA’s next superteam.

Sending Love to Portland to play alongside Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum, and Jusuf Nurkić would send shockwaves across the league, not just the Western Conference.

The 30-year old forward may not be as dominant as he once was after an injury-plagued season, but he is a three-point shooting big man that can spread the defense. Plus, he is still one of the best rebounders in the league.

Cleveland is in rebuilding mode with young players as the priority at this time. Love could be the veteran that keeps this team from losing too many games in the regular season, but he could also be trade bait to get more young blood or future draft picks. Any trade involving Love would certainly net them some valuable assets for the future

The 2019 free agency season hasn’t officially started yet, but that doesn’t mean the NBA will be on silent mode before July.

With players like Frye fueling discussions regarding player destinations, you can be sure that fans and the media will be talking about this trade suggestion among many others.

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