Larry Nance Jr. Shares Crucial Aspect Coach John Beilein Wants Him to Improve Upon

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The NBA’s offseason is a time for players to take some time off from the game to relax and recuperate.

For many of them, as should be the case for all, it’s also a time to work on their skills and showcase something new for the upcoming season.

In the case of Cleveland Cavaliers center Larry Nance, he plans to work on a part of his game that he already displayed last season.’s Evan Dammarell said that newly hired head coach John Beilein spoke with Nance about continuing to expand his game:

“Nance was able to make a name for himself as a point forward on Cleveland’s roster, finishing second on the team in assists with 3.2 per game and even showcased a reliable three-point shot, connecting on 33.7% of his attempts this year. Nance shared with Forbes that head coach John Beilein wants him to continue improving on this, especially focusing on quickening his release.”

As the league’s big men continue to evolve into threats from outside the paint, the Cavs’ Nance will look to become a more versatile threat on the court by becoming a more consistent three-point shooter.

As shown by centers like Brook Lopez and Marc Gasol, centers who can shoot from beyond the arc contribute largely to the success of their teams. Both of their teams reached the Eastern Conference Finals and beyond.

Fans should be pleasantly surprised next season with a new weapon in Nance’s arsenal.

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Omar is a former staff writer with the King James Gospel. He is a Cavaliers fan who has followed the team from the Mark Price-led 1980s team to the LeBron era. Omar applauded the King's return to the Land and celebrated the team's first championship in 2016. He has pledged to defend the Land every chance he gets.