Cavs Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Considering Dealing No. 5 Pick to Atlanta Hawks

Koby Altman

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made no secret of their wish to add more picks for next week’s NBA draft and beyond.

One report indicates that a potential deal with the Atlanta Hawks is under consideration, a trade that would give the Cavaliers three first-round selections.

Any deal that would take place would mean that the Hawks would move up to the fifth overall pick in the draft, while the Cavs would pick up another first-round choice. Acquiring more assets is something that the rebuilding Cavaliers have focused on over the past year.

At present, the Hawks have three first-round picks: the eighth, 10th and 17th overall choices. The eighth is their own, while the 10th was acquired in last year’s draft from Dallas and the 17th selection from Brooklyn in a deal made last week.

Ideally, the Cavaliers would like to try and work a deal for the eighth and 10th picks, but that approach may not sway the Hawks.

Had the Cavaliers’ 2018-19 season gone better, the Hawks would likely already be in possession of the Cavaliers’ pick as well as their other three choices. The Cavs’ deal for Kyle Korver was supposed to send the Cavs top pick this year to the Hawks. However, former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin made sure that pick was protected if the Cavaliers had any of the first 10 picks.

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