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Gabrielle Union Tells Story of When LeBron James Saved Someone’s Life During Snorkeling Trip

Gabrielle Union Reveals Time When LeBron James Once Saved Someone's Life During Snorkeling Trip

The use of the term, “hero,” is something that’s used routinely in sports, with Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James often being designated in that fashion. However, James is also worthy of that accolade in real life on the basis of a recent anecdote about a past vacation trip.

James and his wife Savannah were the subject of a profile in the September issue of Vogue. One of the people interviewed was actress Gabrielle Union, who recounted how James was responsible for saving someone’s life.

As I prepare to say goodbye, I am reminded of a story Gabrielle Union told me about LeBron. Union and her husband, Dwyane Wade, with other friends and athletes, were out snorkeling in the Bahamas a few years back. Some, including Wade, were ocean-shy, city-born and not as strong at swimming as LeBron. (“LeBron, it turns out, is Aquaman!” Union says.) Eventually, the group got out in the water, though at the end of the swim, when everyone was back in the boat, LeBron took a count and noticed a man missing, immediately diving back in. “He literally brings our friend back, like something out of an episode of Baywatch,” Union says. “Because he’s that guy, and when you see that, you know he is not going to leave these at-risk kids behind or an NBA player snorkeling. He’s that guy who dives in.”

The article as a whole presents James and his wife as true heroes in their efforts to help the residents of their hometown Akron improve their overall lives. A good portion of that effort comes through efforts to provide educational opportunities that previously weren’t available.

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