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Video: Michael Jordan Takes Subtle Jab at LeBron James

LeBron James and Michael Jordan

News of a sequel to the 1995 film “Space Jam” have been flooding Hollywood and the NBA lately. The main star name attached? LeBron James. The Cleveland Cavaliers forward is the face of the NBA, much like Michael Jordan — the original star of “Space Jam” — was in 1995.

However, at one of his recent basketball camps, Jordan was asked by a camper who he’d pick to play the starring role of “Space Jam 2” and the Chicago Bulls legend chose Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers over James.

Michael Jordan picks who he would choose to star in Space Jam 2. (Submitted by @lashmiller)

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The high-flying Clippers star has shown his acting touch in Kia commercials and even starred alongside Marvin the Martian — a “Looney Tunes” character — in a commercial last year so it might make sense as to why Jordan favored him over the Cavs superstar.

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