Larry Sanders Hints at Joining Cavs or Warriors via Social Media

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Social media has changed the landscape of NBA free agency forever.

These days, players are using social media to confirm free-agency decisions or even “hint” at joining certain teams.

Free agent big man Larry Sanders took a part in the latter when he decided to hint at joining the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors via Twitter.

The first tweet is a shot from the 1979 action thriller “The Warriors” and sent social media into a frenzy as Sanders is perhaps considering joining Kevin Durant in Oakland.

And then about an hour later, he tweeted a picture of a Cavalier in a red coat, painted by Alex de Andreis, perhaps hinting at joining the defending champs in Cleveland.

The fact of the matter is, either team would be thrilled to receive the services of the defensive-minded big man as he could anchor the paint with his superb blocking skills on any team in the league.

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