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Allen Iverson chimes in on Kyle Korver saying J.R. Smith was one of his favorite teammates ever

Kyle Korver recently praised his former Cleveland Cavaliers running mate J.R. Smith,

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Richard Jefferson clarifies what happened at Cavs’ 2016 title party after J.R. Smith drenched girl in champagne

The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers made history by becoming the first NBA team

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J.R. Smith says Kyrie Irving is the best scorer ever

In the opinion of J.R. Smith, his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Kyrie

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George Karl takes aim at J.R. Smith and accuses him of not remembering plays because he was high

Former NBA coach and player George Karl has never been one to

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J.R. Smith in disbelief after learning of Ja Morant’s latest gun controversy

Former Cleveland Cavaliers champion J.R. Smith is in a state of disbelief

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J.R. Smith unleashes passionate diatribe about gun control after Texas outlet mall shooting

Saturday saw another unfortunate and unnecessary shooting incident take place in the

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J.R. Smith explains why Black NBA players don’t acknowledge Howard Stern during Knicks games

Howard Stern recently made headlines by suggesting that Black NBA players don't

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J.R. Smith says Kyrie Irving was so good that he forgot LeBron James was even on the court

Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith explained just how good Kyrie Irving

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Cavs players respond to John Wall saying 2017 Wizards would’ve beat LeBron and Cavs in playoffs

Multiple members of the 2016-17 Cleveland Cavaliers responded to Los Angeles Clippers

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J.R. Smith says Andre Iguodala had better offense than Stephen Curry in 2015 Finals and Andrew Wiggins deserved 2022 Finals MVP

Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith offered his opinion that Andre Iguodala's

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