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Cavs Rumors: ESPN Writer Says Marijuana Smell Came From Cavs Locker Room After Game 2

2017 NBA Finals - Game Two

As if the criticism of the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ performance against the Golden State Warriors during the first two games of the NBA Finals wasn’t strong enough, unfounded rumors have now entered the picture, with an ESPN writer implying marijuana use in the Cavs’ locker room shortly after their Game 2 loss:

A little over 30 minutes later, Wise suddenly felt the need to clarify his comment:

Wise, who is is a contributor to ESPN’s The Undefeated, offered no further proof, other than this tweet:

Seeming to find humor in the situation, Wise then followed with yet another tweet:

A night of sleep didn’t appear to move Wise to offer an apology for making the charge in the first place. Instead he offered this tweet on Monday afternoon:

While the Cavaliers have larger concerns in their immediate future, likely the last thing they need is to defend themselves against a charge that no other writer is making. There’s been no comment from the Cavaliers as they prepare for Wednesday night’s Game 3, though even acknowledging the charge likely offers it some form of credibility.



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