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5 Signs That Point Kevin Love Making All-Star Team This Season


2. Improved Success From Long-Range

Kevin Love Cavs 3-Point Shot

One of Love’s most important offensive weapons throughout his career has been his ability to drill 3-pointers. This season, he’s hitting an average of 2.4 shots in that specific category, which is just below his 2.5 effort in 2013-14 with Minnesota.

The key difference in those two seasons is that Love’s converting 41.9 percent of his attempts this season, compared to the 37.6 rate of three seasons ago. In addition, Love’s 41.7 success rate in 2010-11 is tempered by the fact that he’s putting up twice as many 3-point shots per game (5.8 to 2.9) now compared to that season.

Love’s ability to catch fire in this area was never more evident than on Nov. 23, when he torched the Portland Trail Blazers for eight 3-pointers in just the first quarter. That was part of a record-setting night in which he scored 34 of his 40 points on the night during the opening period to lead the Cavaliers to victory.

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